When searching for accommodation for a business trip, you may have discovered a wide range of options in terms of style and inclusions. The decision between Hotels, Serviced Apartments & Corporate Apartments can be confusing but it will primarily be driven by the length of stay.

For example, if it’s just a quick trip, hotels are often chosen for their convenience. However, a serviced apartment is a good alternative to a hotel because of cost, extra space and other amenities.

For business trips longer than a week, executive accommodation (also referred to a corporate apartment or corporate housing) is a better choice.



Corporate apartments provide business travellers with all the basic amenities they would find in a home, like kitchen and laundry facilities. Not only are apartments more spacious and homely than hotels or other alternatives, but they also offer extras such as free high-speed internet and personalised client services.



If you’ve ever travelled for longer than a week, you’ll know that you start to crave all the creature comforts from home.

Staying in an enclosed space where you can reach everything in just two steps can get dull and stuffy after a few days. 

In a corporate apartment, bedrooms, kitchen and the main living area are separated, thus giving you the psychological impression that each space is designed for a specific task. Put simply, you don’t have to do your work, eat and sleep in the same area, instead you can feel at home by having the privacy, space and freedom you would normally enjoy in a fully-equipped house. Corporate Apartments also tend to boast large floor plans, which provide the square meterage you need if you wanted to invite and entertain guests. 

Additionally, the simple things you cannot do in a hotel, like doing laundry and cooking, are available in corporate apartments. So if you’re going to stay for a long period of time, corporate apartments can bring the cost of food and laundry down should you decide to use your apartment’s facilities instead of eating out or using a laundry service. 

Corporate accommodation often offers other luxuries, such as pools and gyms, and personalised 24/7 on-call service. No sharing walls with noisy tourists and you can feel assured that everything is secure, private and convenient. Corporate housing providers offer appropriate and unobtrusive services so you will only have to focus solely on work while enjoying a comfortable, home-like stay. 



While a serviced apartment mostly offers the same amenities as a corporate apartment, some factors may be overlooked. For instance, corporate apartments tend to have much larger floor plans than serviced apartments. In addition, corporate apartments are strategically located in residential areas adjacent to business hubs so corporate travellers have the luxury of being close to their work but can disconnect and relax in lifestyle areas when they leave the office. 

A corporate apartment is also the most affordable if you’re going to stay for a long period of time. Contrary to what most believe, the cost incurred staying in a corporate apartment is more economical and advantageous than hotels or serviced apartments. The cost for a two-week stay in a hotel could equate to a month-long stay in a corporate apartment effectively lessen your everyday expenses. 

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